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Hyvää kesää/ Happy summer!! Kesä loma!

Osku year came to an end at our year end potluck on June 8th. We had record enrollments this year with so many students. We will miss our friends who are returning to Finland or moving to other cities. We will also miss our teacher’s Maria and Anna. Next year there will be only one teacher and one group of students. We need over 22 students to warrant another classroom and another teacher. This will not likely happen next year. Maria and Anna will remain as supply teachers as needed.

Have a great summer break everyone!!

Anna, Maria and Raija- Osku Teachers


Osku students ready for summer

The Canadian Nordic Society Midsummer Celebration

You have been invited to the Midsummer (Juhannus) Celebration by Canadian Nordic Society. It is held on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 6PM. There is no charge. Please bring your favorite beverages for yourself and a salad or a dessert to share.
There will be accordian music and opportunities to sing.
CNS members Hanne Sjøborg and Henry Storgaard are inviting Nordic folk to their home in Cantley to celebrate Sankthans / Juhannus / Midsommar on Sunday, June 23. Trygve Ringereide is already putting together a fun music program and Henry is starting to pile up the wood for a traditional bonfire. There will be lots of great Nordic food and with any luck, no rain this year! Either way, it is sure to be a great time! 

Celebrate Midsummer/ Juhannus with CFF

An invitation from the Canadian Friends of Finland to all Nordics:

A midsummer celebration is common to all Nordic countries. The Canadian Friends of Finland Ottawa invites all those who share this tradition to join us for our annual festivities.   We will host a barbeque feast at historic and picturesque Billings Estate, “under the tent” on the grounds.  Reservations and a good time are a must!  
In addition to the food and good company, we will have some entertainment and activities.  The Ottawa Finnish Singers will perform.  You can learn and partake in the Finnish game of lkky (prepare by reading rules below!).
The all-you-can-eat barbeque will again be catered by The Butchery, Ottawa’s purveyor of fine meats.  Menu will include the following:
  • beef, turkey or veggie burgers
  • European-style sausages (homemade by The Butchery)
  • selection of salads
  • assorted condiments
  • dessert (cake with strawberries) and coffee
  • non-alcoholic drinks
A selection of beer and wine will also be available.  Please don’t forget to order beer/wine tickets with your meal if you care to imbibe ($4 per ticket or 3 for $10).

Make your reservations by June 18th to receive dinner tickets at the price of $35!  You may register up until the 20th of June or purchase tickets at the door, but the price per ticket will then be $40.  Book and pay early and save!  We need to let our caterer know the expected numbers. We hope to see you there and look forward to a Nordic celebration of the summer solstice!

Day:       Friday, June 21st
Time:      6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Place:    Billings Estate (under the tent)
                 2100 Cabot Street
                 Ottawa, Ontario
Tickets:  $35  ($40 if purchased after June 18th or at the door) children 12 and under free
Note:  those who purchase tickets online will speed their way through check-in!
Please share this invitation with your friends and colleagues.  If you represent a Nordic organization, share it with your members!

Welcome all to the OSKU Annual General Meeting

OSKU Annual General Meeting Invitation 2019 OSKU Vuosikokouskutsu 2019

Date: Thursday May 30, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Ikea restaurant, 2685 Iris St, Ottawa, ON K2C 3S4


  1. Election of the Chairman and the Secretary of the AGM
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Ottawa Finnish Language School Board report
  4. OSKU annual financial report
  5. OSKU children’s school report
  6. OSKU adult school report
  7. OSKU membership fee 2019 – 2020
  8. Election of the Officers of the Board 2019 – 2020
    •   President
    •   Vice President
    •   Secretary
    •   Treasurer
    •   Community Representative
    •   Parent’s Representative
    •   Board Member(s)
  9. OSKU Teacher(s) for 2019-2020
  10. OSKU Web Master, Facebook for 2019-2020
  11. OSKU logo renewal campaign status
  12. Other business
  13. Adjournment

Open to everyone. Please join us if you are interested in seeing what we do. All positions are open to anyone to apply.

Oskun vappujuhla

First of May Celebration!

When: Saturday April 27, 2018, 10a.m. – Noon
Where: At the Hopewell Avenue Public School, 17 Hopewell Ave. Follow the signs, the event will be held in the basement.

All OSKU members and friends are welcome to join us for Vappu celebrations at the school on Saturday morning! We will have plenty of munkki’s and sima (and coffee of course) and the Osku children will perform. You will also get to participate in singing.

There is no cover charge for attending the party, but cash donations at the coffee table will be greatly appreciated.

If you have one, don’t forget to wear your high school graduation hat!

Come Celebrate Vappu with us!

Kevään Suomenkielisiä tapahtumia

Tiedoksenne Suomenkielisiä tapahtumia Ottawassa:

Lauantaina 23.3 Canadian Film Institute esittaa elokuvan Keppihevosten vallankumous – Hobbyhorse Revolution klo 16.30 alkaen, paikkana Ottawa Art Gallery. Lisatietoja:

Lauantaina 30.3 klo 16 alkaen leffa-ilta! Ohjelmistossa Tuntematon Sotilas, 2017 versio Leffa kestää noin kolme tuntia. Ota mukaan viltti tai retkituoli ja pienta syötavää. Talon puolesta tarjolla on kahvia, teetä, limpparia ja popcornia. Osoite on 12-2615 Lancaster Rd (Koneen toimisto). Pihalla on yleensa hyvin parkkipaikkoja.

Sunnuntaina 14.4 klo 15 suomenkielinen jumalanpalvelus St. Peter’s kirkolla 400 Sparks Street.

Syksyn suomenkieliset jumalanpalvelukset 2018

Muistutus syksyn suomenkielisistä jumalanpalveluksista:

25.11 Kauneimmat joululaulut (ei palvelusta) klo 15

9.12 Joulukirkko klo 15

Paikka: St. Peter’s Evangelic Lutheran Church, 400 Sparks Street. Sisäänkäynti parkkipaikan puolelta. Ilmainen pysäköinti (muista ottaa parkkilappu heti sisäänkäynnin luota auton tuulilasiin).

Lukitsemme ovet klo 15.30 mutta ovikelloa soittamalla pääsee sisään. Palvelusten jälkeen on tarjolla kahvia, pullaa, voileipiä yms. suomalaisia herkkuja. Joulukirkon yhteydessä pidämme tuttuun tapaan pienet arpajaiset. 

OSKU Joulujuhla 2018

Lauantaina 1. joulukuuta, klo 15 – 18

St. Thomas the Apostole Anglican Church

2345 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa ON K1H 7M6

Tervetuloa OSKUn perinteiseen joulujuhlaan!

Tarjolla glögiä, aitoja suomalaisia joulupöydän herkkuja, jouluista ohjelmaa, OSKU lapset esiintyvät, myyjäiset, arvontaa – ja tietenkin myös joulupukki!

Liput: $30 tai $15, jos tuot jotain jouluruokapöytäämme; lapset alle 18v ilmaiset.

Ole ystävällinen ja ilmoita Iralle, jos voit tuoda jotain jouluruokapöytäämme puh. 613-883-7558 tai email
Jouluruokapöytä tehdään vaapaaehtoisvoimin – ilman apuasi emme onnistu! 

Tänä vuonna myös kirpputori suomikoulun hyväksi. Jos sinulla on suomalaisia lasten tai aikuisten merkkivaatteita joita ei tule käytettyä, niin tuo tullessasi ja tuet samalla OSKUn toimintaa.

Myös Suomalaisten lastenkirjojen myynti- ja vaihtopöytä. Jos sinulla on Suomalaisia lastenkirjoja joita ei tule enää luettua jotka haluat joko vaihtaa tai laittaa eteenpäin tuo mukanasi ja tue samalla OSKUa.

Voit maksaa OSKU jäsenmaksun juhlissa. $25 per perhe per vuosi tai $40 per perhe kahdelta vuodelta.


OSKU Christmas Party 2018

Saturday, December 1st, 3 – 6 pm

St. Thomas the Apostole Anglican Church

2345 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa ON K1H 7M6

Join us for some glögg, authentic Finnish Christmas dinner and desserts, OSKU students will perform, musical program, bake sale, raffle, and JOULUPUKKI!

Tickets: $30 or just $15, if you bring a dish for the party, children under 18 free.

If you can participate by bringing a dish for the party, please help us coordinate a balanced table by contacting Ira tel. 613-883-7558 or by email

This year, we will also set up a Fleamarket to benefit the Finnish school. If you have any gently used Finnish brand name children’s or adults’ clothes that you no longer use or need, bring them with you and help OSKU raise funds to operate.

Also Finnish children’s books sale and exchange. If you have used children’s books in Finnish that you no longer read, you can donate them to us to sell or exchange them.

Please note that you can pay the OSKU – Finnish School of Ottawa annual family membership at the party as well. It is $25 per family for the school year or $40 per family for two years.

We do hope you can join us!